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Few of our projects
Various commercial, residential and township builders have worked with us to create their unused property to green gardens. We have worked with multiple big names of the Financing industries such as Axis Bank, Colgate, HDFC Bank, Siemens and many more.

Your Wish is our work. If you wish to change the boring look of your home and office, just opt for gardening. The team of Landscape Architecture .pk treats the property of our clients as our own and ensure proper maintenance. Thus, highly skilled professionals take care of the designs of the property and garden.

We help to lay down the irrigation pipes but check for water conservation. We also keep a check on your plant ensuring it is green and healthy. All these efforts help to create a better and beautiful environment.

Handmade gardens for our clients

Signature gardens
An oasis in the middle of a busy city may sound a joke to you, but we turn it to reality. We aim at making your dream come true and design the garden as per your taste and liking. Whether you want a traditional garden, a modern nursery or a mix of both, we can make it up all.

Your Own La-La Land Exotic Landscapes
Have you ever dreamed of walkways in your backyard? With Landscape Architecture .pk, you can turn it into reality any second. We help you choose the plant saplings that improve aesthetic as well as suit the property. We can bring any plant you need; all you need to do is name it.

Maintaining and turning the green to greener
Landscape Architecture .pk understands that indoor gardens require special maintenance. Therefore, to turn your garden into a comfortable space, make sure to get in touch with us and get special maintenance services.

Whether you are looking forward to yearly maintenance or regular care, we have a specialized package to suit your needs irrespective of the weather conditions. The Company, Landscape Architecture .pk work with the expert professionals for the different spaces and plantations and make sure everything has been done perfectly.

Your Personal Oasis Forever Garden Maintenance
Gardening is in our genes and to make sure every part of the garden is in proper shape throughout the year, we call for the professional help. We will do everything to fit your need, whether you want a tree plantation care or the grass care.

Our experts are professionalisms in different fields such as planting, trimming, soil rotation, fertilization, reseeding, controlling the overgrowth of weeds. These help to maintain the aesthetics of the area all around the year.

Just to make sure properly done environment, Landscape Architecture .pk employs the highly skilled and professional gardeners to take care of the garden. Thus, every time you gaze outside your window, you will be enjoying the pleasing look of your garden.

New Day with new designs and plant rentals
Landscape Architecture .pk understands the importance of new plans for property and garden, most importantly then, when you are calling out a number of guests. Therefore, if you are a commercial space organizing an event for clients, we will help you decorate your garden area.

Maintaining the gardens and structural property requires a lot of effort. Whether you are organizing an event or meeting, we can provide you with plants of all types depending on the occasion. We aim at bringing life into places you never imagined and cater you will the plant designs which are unique and yet at the same time, as the same taste of yours.